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Our Mission

Our mission is to become the # 1 source tool use on the World Wide Web to obtain both current and historical information on all Caribbean territories.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be exemplary leaders in the industry in which we operate; catering to the needs of the Caribbean People by conveying credibility in the information and services distributed with integrity.

Our Slogan

Our slogan is Simply Connecting the Caribbean!

Our History

In January 2015, Founder/Executive Chairman of Connect-In Caribbean Corporation – Corrie Brewster was ever determine to connect the Caribbean via the means of creating a search engine he called KaribSearch to represent the wider Caribbean for inter territory information to make life simpler for the average West Indian. It all began some four years earlier in 2011 when Regional Ministers debated the terms of the CSME to unite Caribbean territories under the West Indies Federation; Learn more:


Karibs' Facts


Corrie St. Brewster
June 26, 2013
Type of Company
Information Communication & Technology Company
Head Quarters
Green Hill, St. Michael, Barbados, West Indies.
Mailing Address
PO Box

Who we are

We are Connect-In Caribbean Corporation; a dynamic and innovative company with a diverse collection of interactive customized web-base tools designed specifically to represent the Caribbean hemisphere. We are the creators behind Karibs’ Network Inc. regional connection project. Our platform/s will revolutionize the way individuals conduct their business, travel and trade within the region via an online network of strategic websites communicating with each other.

What we do for businesses

We assist regional companies to escape their brick and mortar stores to explore the wonderful possibilities that lie around the globe. This is accomplished by their participation within the (COMP) Caribbean Online Marketplace Platform. COMP offers true visibility for regional web entities as they trade goods and services across the Karibs’ Network while gaining an increase in their bottom-line from sales generated as of entering new markets.

What we do for you

We connect you our greatest assets to friends and family across the globe through the use of proprietary technology designed to Simply Connect the Caribbean through a viable eCommerce platform; thus connecting the diaspora and international territories to historical and current trends and events as they happen across the region.

What we have done for the web

We have created a Caribbean Online Marketplace Platform (COMP) and a Dedicated Caribbean Search Engine Platform (DCSEP) to enhance the global user experience through regional eCommerce. As a global entity, our aim is to enhance the quality and accessibility of the web for persons living in the Caribbean and diaspora to communicate effectively as they share current information across the web.

As an ICT Company, we continue to develop our services to strengthen regional businesses around the globe to do more with the necessary tools to reach a global audience for their commodities and services.

Join our business community today and experience more with:


True visibility in a networking environment for regional web entities and businesses to be found in one centralize location via our Search Engine and Caribbean Online Marketplace for everything that is Caribbean made and more.

A regional platform to facilitate wholesale trade with ease; with geographical targeting and regional search ability to reach the segmented areas to deliver new customers and maintain existing ones.

A significant reduction in competition, separated now by regions in any search query; advertise your business to global markets as you connect on the go with special apps for internet enable devices.

Simply Connecting the Caribbean!

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The Caribbean is full of bright and talented people – it has a growing population of just over 48.5 million natives which contributes to its daily affairs, trends and happenings in various sectors to make it uniquely different to other regions around the globe. Over the years, we have seen great ideas and possibilities swept under the rugs for many different reasons – whether, it be lack of financing, adequate market research and of course access to pertinent information.

With the increasing demand for information found on Caribbean territories on the rise, especially with the expeditious growth of regional and international internet users -new technology companies are emerging from within the region to provide the necessary means to deliver B2B and B2C platforms to widen opportunities for the average businessman and consumer to trade effectively on the World Wide Web.

Karibs’ Network Inc. is a technology driven company, created in 2011 by its parent company Connect-In Caribbean; a small group of experienced professionals and talented individuals who dare to empower Caribbean web entities to extend deep into the diaspora and reach international markets.

The Karibs’ platform works simply because it empowers Caribbean people to acquire full access to the web, while trading 100% Caribbean commodities directly into new territories where consumers await what they have to offer, which is uniquely different and Caribbean made.

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